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Metric to Imperial Conversion

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Weights and Measures

Weights & Measures, weights & measures, weights and measures, units of measure.

Metric to US Conversion

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Imperial to Metric Conversion

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Units of Measure

A brief but by no means complete list of categories of units usage, units of measure supported include, Acceleration, Angle, Angular Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Area, Capacitance, Charge, Current, Density, Dynamic Viscosity, Energy, Flow, Mass & Volume, Force, Fraction, Mass & Vol., Illumination, Inductance, Kinematic Viscosity, Length, Length (Ancient), Length (Foreign), Linear Density, Luminance, Luminous Intensity, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Induction, Mass, Mileage/Fuel Usage, Moment of Inertia, Number, Potential, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, Solid Angle, Specific Heat, Speed, Surface Tension, Temperature, Thermal Conductivity, Time, Torque, Volume, Volume (Ancient), Volume (Foreign), Weight, Weight (Ancient), and Weight (Foreign).

Sample Units

acre, anker, are, bag, barrel, bin, binary, bushel, butt, cable, centare, chain, coombe, count, cubit, cup, deal, drachm, dram, ell, fathom, firkin, foot, foot pound second, fps, gallon, gill, hand, hectare, hide, hogshead, homestead, iu, jeroboam, jigger, kilderkin, kilogram, kilogramme, knot, league, line, link, liter, litre, meter, metre, nail, nails, nautical mile, pace, palm, peck, perch, pint, pipe, point, pole, pottle, pound, puncheon, quart, quarter, quartersection, rod, rood, second, section, strike, tierce, township, tun.

Applications & Areas of Use

agriculture, algebra, anglo saxon measures, apparel, archeology, arithmetic, astronomical distance, astronomy, atomic number, atomic weight, automotive, boiling point, bra sizes, breadth, calculation, calculator, calculators, canadian measures, chemicals, chemistry, clothing, clothing sizes, communications, computation, compute, computers, concentration, constants, construction, cooking measures, data transfer, decimals, division, domestic science, dress sizes, duodecimals, education, electrical, electrical color codes, electron configuration, electron shells, electronics, elements, engineering, engineering units, equivalents, factors, farming, figures, figuring, finance, finance interest, fineness, food measures, fineness, foreign length, foreign volume, foreign weight, fuel consumption, fuel rate, fuel usage, gas consumption, gas usage, gasoline consumption, gasoline usage, geometry, hardware, heat index, hex, hexadecimal, hurricane force, information, international units, internet, kitchen measures, liquor, meteorology, number, octal, old english, old english measures, periodic table, periodic table of elements, physical constants, physics, pitch, planetary distances, planetary mass, planets, publishing, purity, research, resources, roman numerals, roof pitch, rope density, rope weight, science, shoe sizes, size, sizes, sizing, spirits, sporting measures, surface area, telecommunications, thread density, thread weight, tire sizes, tools, type sizes, typography, volume flow rates, volume fraction, weather, wire density, wire weight, yarn counts, yarn density, yarn weight.

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